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My name is Lisa Barger and I want to personally welcome you to the Essential Oil Database. Whether you're new to the world of aromatherapy or you're ready to take your study of volatile organics to a higher level, I hope you'll find my essential oil guide a welcoming and empowering space.

Lisa Barger,Founder of Essential Oil Database!
Welcome to Lisa Barger's Essential Oil Database!
My introduction to "aroma therapy" happened long before it became the mega-fad it eventually grew into. As a teenager, in the early 1980s, I sold cosmetics and skin care door-to-door for the company that claimed to be the first to introduce aromatherapy to the U.S. market. At the time, botanical scents were being marketed as a way to deepen relaxation and influence mood--a far cry from some of the absurd miracle health claims being made these days.

I watched the industry grow, watched it buckle under the weight of petty bickering among some of its biggest names and, more recently, watched as multi-level-marketing companies flooded the market with half-truths, bogus purity claims and pseudoscience.

Through it all I've believed that there was a better way. Volatile organics might not be able to neutralize spider venom (as one well-known author claims) or drive away evil spirits (as another says) and some extracts can even be dangerous.

But even if they can't perform medical miracles, volatile extracts can fit into a healthy lifestyle. And, despite what the naysayers claim, dozens of volatile organics have been scientifically studied and hold up nicely, especially as adjuncts to pharmaceutical drugs. Others may even be used in place of medications, especially in rural communities where mainstream medicine can be tough to find.

If you're tired of aromatherapy websites and social media posts full of silly health claims and vague "they say" references, pull up a chair. Let me show you what science says about the volatile organic extracts the rest of the world calls essential oils.




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