Young Living Orange Blossom Moisturizer Recall - Candida Contamination

Health Canada has announced a recall of Young Living's Orange Blossom Moisturizer product due to the potential for Candida contamination.

Recall of Young Living's Orange Blossom Moisturizer Because Of Candida yeast contamination

Photo of recalled Young Living Orange Blossom Moisturizer courtesy of Health Canada.

In the press release announcing the recall Health Canada described the recalled toiletry as a 28.3 gram bottle with this item number:
  • 244715
Only products from lot 992212728 are covered by this recall. Your product's lot number should be printed on both its box and its bottle.

As of the recall announcement date there had been 5 reports of what Health Canada characterizes as "skin irritation" from outside Canada but none from within Canada so far. Fewer than 800 bottles are thought to have been sold nationwide.

All of the recalled Orange Blossom Moisturizers were made in the U.S. As of June 24, 2019 there had been no U.S. recall announced. It has not been disclosed where the 5 reports of skin irritation came from.

Young Living's Canadian web site does not appear to carry the recall notice.



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