"Pure Essential Oils Don't Cause Skin Rashes"

You know, every now and then I run across something so ridiculous that I just marvel at the nerve behind it. I wrote about this at LisaBarger.com but it bothered me so much that I feel a need to address it here.

In the fall of 2007 one of the big article mills published a piece by a Young Living representative that basically claims—according to the piece’s title—“Pure Essential Oils Do Not Cause Skin Rashes or Allergic Reaction”. She goes on to “explain” that those rashes and headaches you get when exposed to certain oils aren’t the fault of the oil. No, those reactions are because you have “chemical toxicity” and “toxins in the body or the skin”. Or maybe you’re just using a “poor quality essential oil”.

Now, ask yourself if this can possbily be true? If you can have an allergic reaction to a plant you run across while working in your garden, walking in the woods or just brushing up against in a garden center, doesn’t it only make sense that the “purity” of the plant isn’t the problem?

The fact is, medical journals—both mainstream and those devoted to aromatherapy—have long-documented cases of reactions to essential oils. And they have nothing to do with purity.

No wonder so many legitimate scientists dismiss aromatherapy as plain old hocus pocus.



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