Calendula Effectively Treats Exfoliative Cheilitis

Dry, chapped and even swollen lips are something we all deal with on occasion, especially if our jobs take us outside frequently. But when that condition persists in spite of protective measures, it may go beyond normal chapped lips and be something doctors call exfoliative cheilitis.

Such was the case of an 18-year-old man who was referred to a team of specialists at São Paulo State University after sunscreen and steroids failed to manage his swollen, peeling lips. So what did those doctors do? They took him off the steroids and began treating him with an ointment made of 10% calendula.

Calendula officianalis, or “pot” marigold, has been used for centuries as food, medicine and even as a fabric dye. In modern times it has been scientifically studied for its now-acknowledged anti-inflammatory benefits and antimicrobial actions. This case was documented in Cases Journal.


Roveroni-Favaretto, L., et al. (2009). Topical Calendula officinalis L. successfully treated exfoliative cheilitis. Cases Journal.



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